Tips for Hanging Art in Your Home

A common tip for hanging art is to hang the center of the art at eye level.  Well that works well if you live alone or everyone in your family is the same height. My husband, Michael, is 6 foot tall and I am 5 foot 2 inches, so hanging at eye level for one doesn't quite work for the other, so we compromise and here are a few additional tips we use when hanging art in our home. 


Unfortunately, the eye level tip doesn't take into consideration, the purpose of the space, the size of the wall, whether art is being hung over furniture, or the size of the frame. Therefore, hanging art at eye level (typically between 60 and 65) is not a hard and fast rule. Instead, take into consideration how your art relates to everything around it.  The following tips should help:


If hanging your art in a room where you will primarily be seated - for example your dining room, then consider hanging the art a little lower for visual enjoyment. 


In an entryway or hallway where you will primarily be standing, consider hanging the artwork a little above the standard 60 - 65 inch eye-level tip, especially if the ceiling is high.


Hanging art above furniture?  If it is a large piece consider hanging so that the bottom edge of the art work is 6 to 12 inches above the piece of furniture.  However, if you are hanging a smaller piece of art consider grouping with other artwork and other decorative items (mirrors, plates, etc.).  

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