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Tips for Caring for Your Art

Investing in original fine art is enjoyable and satisfying.  It's true, my husband and I have several pieces of original art from various artists.  We could even tell you where we purchased and what drove us to purchase them.


We hope that these pieces will remain in our family for generations to come. So when it comes to caring for our art we follow these simple steps to ensure that our investments can be enjoyed for years to come.


Keep artwork out of direct sunlight.  Even if your artwork is protected with UV glass or UV protective varnish, it is best to keep art out of direct sunlight.  Long exposure to direct sunlight can cause artwork to fade, crack and become brittle.


Always use a clean dry cloth to dust your artwork, never use cleaning products or water.  If cleaning the glass on a framed picture, spray glass cleaner directly on your cloth as opposed to the glass.  This keeps glass cleaner from getting behind the glass and potentially harming the art.


Consider the environment your are hanging your artwork in.  Avoid areas where the art might be exposed to pollutants and grime - e.g. your kitchen.  Overtime these things and gather on your artwork - yuck!  Also avoid areas prone to fluctuations in temperature and humidity (e.g. sunrooms, attics, basements, bathrooms). Fluctuations can cause buckling and cracking.

I hope you found this information useful for caring for your art.   If you still have questions, by all means reach out.  I would be happy to answer any additional questions.

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