Meet the artist . . .

A Colorado native, Sheryl Brake grew up on the western slope of Colorado where her love for drawing and painting was fueled by the majestic mountains and the splendor of nature. Her creative spirit showed itself throughout her young life in the form of textile arts in 4-H and various arts and crafts in Girl Scouts. However, it was in high school that she discovered the medium watercolor that  fuels her passion to paint today. 

Creativity extends throughout Sheryl’s family. Her heritage includes a great-grandmother who was a watercolorist and china painter, her father who is an established artist, her mother who quilts and her two sisters who quilt, paint and make jewelry.  Art class was Sheryl’s favorite class throughout her school years; however, when it came time to go to college, she discounted a degree in art and instead pursued a BS in Accounting because it was the "practical thing to do."  

Birds Nest Work in Progress

Work in progress - "Robins Egg Blue" -  robin's nest painting using methods learned from Tracy Lizotte Studios Watercolor Academy.

Picture of Artist

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up."

-Pablo Picasso


Sheryl in her  home studio in Windsor, Colorado

Artist's Statement

I am a watercolor artist who is inspired by the natural beauty and wonder of the great outdoors and its inhabitants. I find a quiet comfort in slowing down the fast-pace of our world to admire the finer details of a flower or the colors and textures of an aging truck.  These details and the emotions that are evoked by this delicate and beautiful world we live in is what is reflected in my artwork.

Watercolor is my favorite medium...challenging, yet intriguing.  I love the "lightness" of watercolor, both texturally and visually. Watercolor’s fluidity and the way the colors interact with the water, the paper and each other allows me to capture the essence, mood and light of a subject.  I use glazing techniques that allow depth and detail to emanate from my paintings.  I typically work on Arches 140 lb or 300 lb cold-pressed watercolor paper and use transparent paints to maximize the luminosity of the finished piece.  I occasionally experiment with other surfaces, such as watercolor ground on wood panel or watercolor board. Finished pieces are either presented in a traditional glass-frame or adhered to a natural wood panel.

A life-long learner, I have taken classes from some inspiring contemporary artists including as Angela Fehr, Birgit O'Connor, Anna Mason and Tracy Lizotte.  I am currently a candidate for a Certificate in Studio Art at the Schissler Academy of Fine Art in Loveland, Colorado.  It is here that I have developed a passion for portraiture and life-drawing using graphite pencil.  Capturing the human figure and an individual's likeness awakened me to another form of beauty.  I love the simplistic beauty conveyed by this medium.


​Being left-brained, I am naturally attentive to detail.  I enjoy studying the details of my subjects, capturing them, and drawing in the viewer. My goal is for the viewer to be taken to a place in their mind or heart where they experience a sense of place, an emotion or the simple pure wonder of the world we live in; feelings and wonders often overlooked in the busyness of everyday life.

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