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I was taught early on in life to give back to the community.  First as a Girl Scout and later as a successful businesswoman, I learned the importance of giving back to the community and the personal fulfillment that goes with it.  I am grateful for being able to pursue my passion of watercolor painting and give back to the community through my art.

Having been touched by Alzheimer's in a personal way, I have seen first hand the memory impairment and debilitation this disease has on once productive and lively members of our society.  And so it is with great pleasure and in memory of my grandmother that in May of 2015 I painted my first piece for this wonderful organization.


The Alzheimer’s Association Memories in the Making® is a creative art expression program for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease or related dementia ailments. Even after people with dementia have lost the ability to use words, they are often able to express thoughts and emotions and to share memories through painting with watercolors." 


Find out more at: 

Alzheimer's Association

"Bea's Garden"

 Watercolor on wooden pallet.  

Used QOR Water Color Ground to prep surface.

Alzheimers Memories in the Making logo in purple
Watercolor color charts.tif
Sheryl Brake Fine Art Logo - depicting a dragon fly from artists initials and paint brush


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