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Welcome to my Studio

My studio is a special space where I love to create, play and experiment with all my art supplies.  It is cozy and comfortable, has great lighting and a great worksurface. Here is a little peek inside by creative space, the projects I am currently working on, and my creative process.  Enjoy!

Welcome to My Studio

My Creative Process

I am an avid fly fisherwoman and so why not paint some pictures of the oh so elusive rainbows, browns and brookies that I love to fish for.  Like the challenge of flyfishing and determining the right fly, presentation and timing of the cast, painting the radiant colors of these beautiful fish are proving to be just as challenging.  

Hope you enjoy!

My Process
Watercolor color charts.tif
Sheryl Brake Fine Art Logo - depicting a dragon fly from artists initials and paint brush


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Thanks for being awesome!

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