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  • Sheryl Brake

It’s Never Too Late!

Ever since I can remember, I have loved art. Whether, it was coloring in a color book, making colorful spirals with a spirograph (do they still make those?), painting rocks, sewing, or scrapbooking, it didn’t matter. I just loved to create.

As a high schooler, I wanted to go to art school, but instead did the practical thing and got a degree in business administration instead. Fast forward 29 years...After a successful (but totally grueling and stressful) career as a CPA, I retired from the national firm I was working for at the time and started my own consulting practice.

Having a business of my own not only reduced my hours and my stress level but afforded me the time to pursue my interest in the arts. At first it was just a way to unwind, have fun and do something for ME. But as a life long learner, I wanted more. I started watching YouTube videos in watercolor instruction and found some wonderful artists there (Angela Fehr, Birgit O’Conner, Steve Mitchel, just to name a few) and began developing my skills further and my style.

Wanting more individual instruction and interaction with other artists I began taking foundational courses at the Schissler Academy of Fine Art in Loveland, Colorado. There, under the wonderful instruction of the fine instructors, I have further developed my skills as an artist and ventured in to new mediums (pastel, oils, charcoal and graphite) and began taking some of their more advanced offerings.

I am happy to announce that I have decided to make it official and pursue a Certificate in Studio Art from the Schissler Academy. This fall I will be enrolled full time and taking classes 2 to 3 days a week. I am beyond excited and hope that you will follow my progress.

It is never too late to pursue your dreams!

I am forever grateful for my supportive family and most importantly my husband who is fully supportive in my artwork.


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