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This majestic pine is tall and strong, a true symbol of nature's power. Its woodsy scent and lonesome beauty are captured in this hand-painted watercolor piece. The rooted essence of the pine is conveyed through the intricate brushstrokes and vivid colors, making it a perfect addition to any nature lover's collection. Let the majesty of this pine inspire you and bring a touch of the great outdoors into your home.


Day 36 of my 2023 100-Day Project.  Painting measures 3"x3.5" and is painted on 140 1b Arches cold press paper using professional artists pigments.


PriceFrom $75.00
  • All original watercolors are designed, hand drawn and painted by Sheryl using quality pigments and paper. Each painting is is planned out and painted in several layers of color allowing the colors to shine through and life's details to be captured. These one of a kind creations will bring happiness to the collectors and their homes for generations.


    Frame color may vary slightly from that pictured here.

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