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Original Watercolor Paintings

All original watercolors are designed, hand drawn and painted by Sheryl using quality pigments and paper. Each painting is planned out and painted in several layers of color allowing the colors to shine through and life's details to be captured. These one-of-a-kind creations will add life and beauty to your home for generations.


100 Day Project: 2023

My collection of 100 tiny paintings from my 2023 100-Day Project.

From colorful landscapes, botanicals, quirky little characters and a few of my favorite things, you are sure to find a piece perfect for your home, office or to give as a gift!

Feathered Friends

As an avid bird watcher, I enjoy feeding, listening to, and watching birds.  These watercolor paintings capture some of my favorite feathered friends.

The Rivers Collection

I love to fly fish and the feeling I get when I am on the river.  The soothing sound of water, my flyrod in hand, and the cast of the line into a selected section of water allow me to relax and forget whatever worries I may have had. It is just me, the river and the fish.

Aging Gracefully

There is beauty in growing old - really! You just have to look a little more closely to find the beauty.  This series started when my husband and I stumbled across of field full of old abandoned farm trucks.  And so my fascination with old trucks began.

Tiny Wonders

The world is full of beautiful tiny wonders.  They are so small that many go unnoticed. These pieces are intended to bring these tiny beauties into full view for the viewers, so that they can enjoy the wonder and details that captured my eye.

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