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"Coming Undone" 

accepted to the 33rd Annual Colorado Watercolor Society State Exhibition.  

Image of artist's painting titled "Coming Undone" of rusting cables and rocks hanging on a wall above desk
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Elevate your space with a watercolor painting capturing life's details in a realistic style.

Collect an original, a giclee reproduction or commission a unique piece of your own.  

turquoise jewel- original watercolor by sheryl brake-5.jpg

"Art is not what you see,

but what you make others see."

Edgar Degas

Meet Sheryl


Green plaint spatters
Sheryl Brake holding her GSP puppy, Annie

“The artist sees what others

only catch a glimpse of.”

Leonardo da Vinci

Hi! I'm Sheryl. . .

I am a recovering tax accountant, who after nearly 30 years of practice decided to pursue my passion for art.


Watercolor is my favorite medium - I love the fluid lightness of watercolor and the challenge of bringing details to life in my paintings and drawings.


I love slow living, am inspired by nature, love nostalgia, and enjoy studying the details that make up the beauty in our world. 

It is through my watercolor paintings and graphite drawings, that I hope others will also take notice of the details and are inspired by the beauty that surrounds us every day!


If it is interesting, colorful, piques my interest or inspires me, I will paint or draw it. 

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Watercolor color charts.tif
Sheryl Brake Fine Art Logo - depicting a dragon fly from artists initials and paint brush


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